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Before I start on my exciting, personal discovery I have to tell you about a phone conversation I had with my mom last night.  As a family it can be hard to dish out compliments, especially when a pattern of disappointment has been established.  My weight, while maybe not called disappointment by my parents, has been something they’ve been concerned about for a long time.  My mom is a nurse and is very aware of nutrition while my dad is a farmer and does a great job of listening to her and going along with the program.  It is not surprising that they may be a little reserved about this journey as it is not the first time I’ve talked about losing weight or even trying, but I think they see a difference.  Mom called to tell me how proud she is of me that I’ve stayed with it and have put in a lot of hard work to get where I’m at.  She has seen how different I look and a little excited about where this journey might go.  I’m grateful to have a supportive family that encourages me, doesn’t say anything that creates a road-block in my mind, and continues to challenge me.  My sister, Ingrid, is also a HUGE part of this in being open to conversations to diet and exercise.  My wife, Ester, has been great about what foods to have in the house, to talk about where I’m at with the exercise and what else I could try to get the most out of my efforts.  Without my family, this all would be very hard to do and I am forever grateful to them.

And now for the beans.  I was digging through the fridge yesterday because I was having a case of the munchies like Steve was having yesterday.  I came across some beans so I started to do some research online and read articles like this one, Beans.  After seeing how good they were in fiber and protein I decided to cook some up and have for a snack.  Boy, did I get full in a hurry.  I do pretty good with having vegetables raw and alone so it was great to find another taste on my mouth and then to feel my body working on digesting that little meal.  I’m hoping that it helps me reach my goal of 2lbs for the week.

Speaking of that, the scale has been frustrating.  Usually at weigh day it is the lowest part of fluctuations that happen during the weekend.  For some reason, I time it just right, then go up 2lbs the next day.  This weekend has been very different.  It hasn’t moved, not a little either way.  So either it’s setting me up for a good week or I’m going to throw the scale out the window on Friday.  I know, it’s not the scale’s fault but it doesn’t have feelings so I don’t care.