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Beautiful weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  Well, I could but then we’re talking really big dreams.  The weather at the cabin was great.  The lake is spring fed so it can get cold but I swam two of the days.  Saturday morning I got a 13mile + bike ride and then last night after the fish dinner I ran the 25-step stairs about 20 times.  My brother and his wife noticed the change right away and said I was looking good.  I thought I’d get more satisfaction out of it but I remembered I’m not doing this for them.

We got some fishing in, a look at the local, 1 building town, parade, firework competition over the lake, all kinds of stuff.  It felt so good to have reached my goal and to think about the weight that has come off.  One fun thing our 1 year old is doing is lifting his shirt up to show his belly off.  I have no idea where he got this from because I am not at that stage yet but it’s pretty cute.  He also thinks that others should show their bellies as well and is always trying to lift my shirt and my wife’s shirt up to see what kind of belly action we’ve got going on.  I know I’m a lot more comfortable with him doing that (although we are trying to teach him not to do that to others) than I would have been 6 months ago.  It’s great to be at this point.

We came home this morning to relax before another big family day tomorrow.  All of the family took a nap this afternoon which gave me some ‘tech time’.  I got to play around with some new software for my mp3 player and catch up on some exercise blogs.  I ran into one that is a former “Biggest Loser” contestant and he was talking about Jillian Michael’s podcast on KFI.  I remember it from a while ago but this was a great reminder.  I downloaded 4 episodes and went outside to work on the yard while listening to 2 shows.  Jillian has a certain way of motivating me.  I love her “well, duh!’ attitude and being fed up with people who use excuses.  So many times I’ve wanted to be that way with other people but have to consider the friendship angle.  Anyway, it got me pumped up, helped me clean and put stuff away in a good pace.  Even got me to look at my bike and take it for a quick for mile run.  I’m glad to have found it and encourage anyone who is looking for education, tips, or motivation to look up “KFI Sunday” in iTunes.

Well, off to wash the bathrooms.  Have a great evening.


Puppy training

This morning for my 4 mile jog I decided to take our 12 week old puppy to get him used to it.  My wife really likes to run with dogs for the companionship and the security but she doesn’t have much patience to train them.  So we went out and walked the first half mile.  I learned that he is better when we’re away from the shoulder, away from the grass, and with it being a gravel road I wasn’t too concerned about cars.  I was able to get a mile of jogging straight in and he did pretty good at that.  Let him get a drink of water from the ditch and the next mile we jogged about half of it which wasn’t too bad.  Then we had a mile stretch along the highway.  Each car distracted him and then he’d get on the scent of something else.  I stopped each time, gave him a talking to while giving his ears a good rub down so that he would focus on me and running/walking along side me.  It usually worked but by mile 3 I could tell he was worn out.  The last half mile consisted of 3 poddy stops and then a last mad dash because one of my dad’s dogs joined the jog and ran ahead of us which put puppy in full force.   We did it in an hour which wasn’t too bad for his first time.  I just hope he gets better so I can get more of a workout.

Today was a lazy day.  The weather up here has been just crap.  Cold, in the 50’s and 60’s for highs.  Today was cloudy and windy so I just had a lazy day.  Watched a movie, did some surfing online looking at tech stuff, but not much else.  Tonight I’m going to hit the exercise bike for 45 minutes while watching hockey after I play with the kids for a bit.  The aim will be 700 calories.  I’m really sore from the running and circuit training I did yesterday.  A trip to the hot tub is most deserved tonight with a couple of re-runs of Biggest Loser to watch.

New workout

Tonight, to mix things up, I tried the Biggest Loser yoga workout for weight loss on recommendation from my sister.  I never thought I could sweat by not moving around much.  I think I’m going to buy a copy.  It worked out muscles that I don’t get to usually, it helps train my balance, and I need to be more flexible physically.  I don’t know if it’s as good a workout as my other circuit training but it should be good to do once a week.

This morning was a pretty good workout.  I got 6 HIIT in before my wife came down so I went on the bike and burned over 600 calories total.  I know my body is stronger but I feel week.  It seems to take so much energy to get through these workouts.  Maybe it’s because I am pushing myself just a little bit harder but it feels like I should just break through this and not struggle so much.  But that’s ok.  Bring it on.