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Excuse me?

So I made a big hub bub about not working out in the evenings.  To stick with my running because I hate/ I love running.  So what do I do tonight?  Ride bike for 16 miles, hard.  I love doing stuff when I’m not supposed to.  There’s a little bit of a rebellious side to me and I love that it can come out with this.  I actually had a hard time deciding if I should lift weights or do the bike ride but I was talked into that there is only so many more nice days and it’s best to take advantage of them.  This person didn’t consider the 40 dozen gnats that might be enjoying the evening too but I’ll just chalk that up to good protein.  Just wish I had some b-b-q sauce along with my water…..

So does this mean I’m going to exercise tomorrow night?  Not sure.  I’m for sure going to get my run in the morning because I love/hate to run.  We’ll see what tomorrow has in store.  Eating was so much better today.  I cut out the trail mix and added some broccoli and peas.  Feel much better today.  Hopefully I will tonight too.