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A different day

The plan for today was to wake up and take off for the cabin but with a night of rain last night and more for the rest of the weekend, we decided to stay home.  Bummer.  Picked up worms last night and my son was so excited to go fishing but the storms that have been rolling through are taking advantage of the humidity and energy here and they’ve been really good ones.  This morning as I was looking at the news on my laptop this morning in our living room in front of one of our big windows and watched a storm roll into our area.  When we built our house I wanted to make sure we had a great view looking west just for this purpose.  I absolutely loved it.  I love weather and we get all kinds of different weather up here.  Some say it’s too cold but I think it’s all about perspective.  Cold is cold.  Whether is 20 above or 20 below, it’s cold.  You dress warm and you take trips south during the winter to break it up a bit and you learn to enjoy it.  I think we have amazing seasons here.  We can enjoy snow.  We really appreciate spring and summer here and take full advantage of it because we know up here that we know what it’s like to be locked in the house during the winter.  Fall is beautiful in Minnesota and is so energizing to drive through the North Shore area around Duluth and see the changing colors of the leaves.  I actually love living up here.  If you live south and want us to visit, invite us during the winter.  You can have your scorching heat and humidity.  We’re doing just fine.

This morning I got a 6 mile run on the treadmill and it was exhausting.  I did 2 things to make it a little harder.  I put a 2% incline on it.  I do this to keep the treadmill from shaking too much and to give me a little more resistance.  The other thing was to make sure I kept my heart rate above 142.  Last week when I ran my first 6-miler my heart rate was around 136.  Many times it went up to the 150’s today and it was a really hard workout.  The last half hour of it I had to take off my shirt because it was completely soaked.  It took me an hour and 7 minutes and that included my warm up and cool down.   I was going to go another 5 minutes but the incline really wiped me out and I was just happy to finish strong.  The calories burned was over a thousand and I’m pretty confidant in how accurate that is because I set the weight on the treadmill for 10lbs lighter than what I am.  I get a little joy out of seeing that number at 212, a sign of things to come.  I think I’m done working out for the day.  I’ve helped my dad tear out their 50 year old countertop after the run and will help him put the new one in after he is done feeding the calves.  In the meantime I’m installing Ubuntu on an old computer and see if I can get information off our external hard drive that stopped working 2 weeks ago.  I think it’s just the power supply from what I’ve read on the forums and I just want to set up this older computer down in my man-cave as a back-up and to have down here so I don’t have to drag my old laptop down.  I love my cave.


A Different Kind of Exercise

Monday night is supposed to be the night when I start my circuit training for the week but plans, ah plans, they do tend to get de-railed….  We’ve finally have had about 3-4 dry days and with rain coming tonight it was time to burn the insulating hay over the drain field for the house.  I had to do this carefully because my smaller burn pile is closer to the woods with dead grass leading to a fiery doom.   I had to plan careful.  I started a fire at one end of the burn pile and while it made it’s way over to the side closest to the wood, I started little fires in the grass around the pile to create a burning barrier.  Worked out pretty good.  Once that was done, came in for a salad, carrots, and a tiny bit of ice cream and then got to work.  Total, I spent2.5 hours out there working my tail off.  I was surprised by the amount of sweat it produced.  Partly from walking in the mud.  Other partly from the weight of the wet hay from underneath.  I probably didn’t burn as many calories as I would have if I did a circuit training but it was a different workout for my body and I got something accomplished before the rains came.  And that feels pretty good.


2 eggs with toast, apple

Early lunch

2 squares of homemade pizza, carrots, cucumbers, saltines, 100 cal fudge graham snack

Late lunch

1 square of homemade pizza, soy nuts and almonds, carrots, cucumber


1 pack of honey nut Cheerios


Chicken salad with cucumber dressing, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1/8 cup of ice cream, 1 carrot

Back at home.

Had a great weekend and a healthy weekend.  My aunt made great food and we made great choices when we went out.  One thing we kinda had no control over is when friends took us out to Costco for a cheap pizza which was great for the kids.  I still had 2 pieces because I had to eat something but was really aware of what I was eating.  But great news.  I weighed myself this morning and I’m a pound less than when I weighed myself on Saturday, justifying that number for another scale.  Love it.  

New goals.  Before the laptop was going to be purchased when I reach 50lbs but I’m re-thinking that I want that to be 80lbs.  It’s a long ways away but I think it’s within reach and gets me below the 200lb mark.  It gives that 200lb real signifigance in a reward for me and for my body.  The 50lb mark will still be celebrated with a trip to the clothing store for some new clothes.  

Trying something new.  High Intensity Interval Training.   I got an article from my aunt and we talked about it.  The thing is to do the highest intensity you can handle for a short time, rest for a short time, and then do it again.  Right now I can’t find out if it should be a part of every work out or 2-3 times a week which is what I’m going to shoot for until I know more.  Today it was this

1 minute @ 2MPH (warm up)

2 minute @ 3 MPH (warm up)

20 Secs @ 8MPH

1 min @ 3MPH

Repeat 6 times

It wasn’t too bad at all.  The article has about 12 steps to go through to increase the intensity so I might step up to number 2 on Wednesday.  It’s supposed to be a boost to the metabolism.  I’m aware that there is a plateau out there and I want to keep doing all the different things I can to challenge my body and myself.  Just want to keep on going.  Thankfully I feel that my body is getting stronger and stronger and able to keep going with the more intense workouts.  Maybe someday I’ll even try to tackle my wife’s DVD workout which I hear is a burner.


Protein bar, Oatmeal

Early lunch

Tuna sandwich, 1/8 cup of trail mix


Carrots, celery, an apple

Late Lunch

Tuna sandwich, 1/8 cup of trail mix, 100 cal cheerios


Tuna salad (TUNA DAY!!!), 1/8 cup of ice cream, 8 multi-grain chips


Yogurt with granola

Weigh Day.

Lost 4lbs this week.  I was hoping for that exact number to see some better results than last week.  I doubt that it ever be more than that in one week.  Still noticing how things feel different.  Clothes are looser, even able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in a while.  My face is changing too.  Things are becoming more defined.  I have a long way to go but love that things are happening.  From now on I’m going to be happy with 2lbs/week.  That will get me to my 1st major goal in September/October, actually sooner than I would like because I would need another 4 months of savings to get to the financial goal where I need to be for  the laptop I want.  My feelings were further encouraged after reading this article.  http://www.burnthefatblog.com/archives/2009/02/the_2_pounds_per_week_rule_and.php

Today’s plan was to hit the treadmill this morning which I did and then do my circuit training but plans changed as they tend to do.  My wife wasn’t able to go to Grand Forks today because of bridges that are closed.  That freed me up to clean the bathrooms and then something I had put off for a couple of days.  I did 2 hours of snow shoveling and getting my car unstuck in the driveway.  My heart rate kept up at a pretty high rate so I feel I got the work out I needed.  After I was done I went to our old house to pick up more items to move over.  With everything put away it was time to call it a day.  The shower felt so good and now I’m relaxing for the evening.  I have a radio to tear apart and try to fix and then it’s game time with the kids.  

It’s been a good Saturday.


2 eggs with toast

Mid morning

8 pieces of rice chips, carrots


2 slices of home made pizza, one graham cracker fudge snack


10 cashews, carrots


2 small turkey burgers, a few rice chips, an apple


yogurt with granola