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A little ticked

It’s been almost 5 days since the problems with my back started and they are still here.  Not that it’s crippling me to stay in bed or anything, it just twinges and causes cringes.  I slept in this morning to give it a rest and then was going to try some circuit training tonight.  Nope.  Got through two circuits and I could tell I wasn’t ready yet.  I could have pushed through it but that wouldn’t help me heal any faster.  I want to be able to do my sprints soon and this will not help.  So I’m expecting this week to be a set back week for my weight.  I’ve been 2lbs over my last week’s weight and I’m learning to accept it.

So where do I find motivation to not give up, to keep going?  2 instances popped up over the last 24 hours.  Last night my wife was at the park with the kids and they ran into one of our friends.  He asked her if I had lost some weight, that he could tell something was going on.  Then his wife chirped in, “Like a lot”.  The funny thing I find about this is that they didn’t want to ask me even though they could tell.   Like I would be offended or something.  Well, they are from North Dakota so…..  The other instance was on my way back from lunch and going up the stairs with someone I used to work with in the company.  She said she’s noticed but keeps forgetting to ask.

Once again, on the right path with the right mindset and the right motivation.  It’s hard to be motivated but to be unable to do anything right now but to watch what I’m eating.  Just need to push through and accept the push I get from others.


What exactly am I burning?

It bugs me a little that when I’m on a treadmill or exercise bike, that I’m not burning exactly what they say.  It really hit me when I started using my brother’s exercise bike.  I could burn 700 calories in 40 minutes but it never asked me for my weight like our treadmill does.  Yesterday morning I did some research and found this great little article that helped ease my mind.  It’s short and quick and gives me the right mindset for what I’m burning while doing exercises on the machines.


Another short post because there is just not enough time in the day.  TV is completely out of the window nowa days unless it was like last night when my wife and I were in the hot tub, watching a half hour of a Biography program.  Life is so different now with activities and exercises and my mind has accepted it.  No, it has embraced it.  It really is a new life.


I’ve been kinda funny about how I’ve been communicating my weight loss with others.  I haven’t shared it with many people outside my small family circle, just hoping that they would notice and bring the compliment that way.  But I have enjoyed talking with others around me that are going through the process as I am.  At work it seems like a lot of people are jumping into weight loss for various reasons.  For most it’s about health conditions such as cholesteral, bad back, or even to get their body right since they’ve had problems that have lead to surgery and are being proactive about what is happening to their bodies.  Those are the individuals who are serious about the process.  Then there are the ones who are “well, I guess I should”.  That lasts for about 2-3 weeks and then they are back to their old patterns.  I just love the dialogue with both sets of people and getting to understand the mindset of each.  I see how important it is to share ideas of how to do this and that and what to do when a roadblock comes up.

Sunday was my lazy day and I spent a lot of it looking up other weight loss blogs.  I came across two that I really like, Log my loss and The Blog of my Life.  Both are guys who are  on the same journey with experiences and attitudes close to mine.  They are doing it the right way through diet and exercise, not trying to cheat the process, and are further ahead than I am.  I hope to learn a lot from them.

So what does it mean for my workout yesterday?  A lot.  I woke up determined to run a country block yesterday morning (4 miles).  I had my breakfast first but knowing I needed the time, I started 15 minutes after eating with a walk.  The further I got into it the more frustrated I got.  I would pick out a goal to run to but I just ran out of steam before I got to it.  About halfway through I noticed the electrical poles that were along the road so I started to run to the first one, walk to the second, run to the third and so on.  This really picked up my pace, got me in a good cardio rhythm, and helped me finish the 4 miles in 50 minutes.  Can’t wait to try again on Wednesday (going to take a break today and go on the exercise bike to give my muscles something else to do) and see if I can better my time.

In the evening I was excited to get back into my circuit training and I bumped up the intensity to a new level.  My set was:

10 squats with curls

10 crunches on the ball

10 overhead presses

5 push ups

10 lunges

10 sit down

10 butterfly presses

60 flying steps (really got my cardio going)

and did 10 repititions of each set.  This left me out of breath but it felt really good to push myself harder, farther then I thought I could.  It just was a good day for working out and I can’t wait to hit it again.

So tired.

Just got back from my parent’s cabin.  I was able to get my circuit training in last night next to a camp fire and under a blue sky.  At first I stood there not knowing what to do but then I found stuff around me to work with and change it up a bit from what I usually do.  It was fun.  

This morning I was able to get a run in.  Almost 3.5 miles in 45 minutes which kinda shocked me.  I didn’t know until a few hours later when I drove it and watched the trip meter measure the distance.  Maybe I am making progress towards that 10K run in August.

Otherwise today was just busy.  I find myself being more active without thinking about it.  I want to go do stuff and not sit around.  I did about 4 biking trips today giving my kids and my neices rides on the roads around the cabin in the bike trailer.  Then it was cooking lunch on the campfire,  running here and there and enjoying the day.  I would have loved to have stayed another night but if one of us wants to go back, we usually do.  It will be nice to sleep hard on my own bed. 

Doing a weigh in tomorrow and will be posting.

New workout

Tonight, to mix things up, I tried the Biggest Loser yoga workout for weight loss on recommendation from my sister.  I never thought I could sweat by not moving around much.  I think I’m going to buy a copy.  It worked out muscles that I don’t get to usually, it helps train my balance, and I need to be more flexible physically.  I don’t know if it’s as good a workout as my other circuit training but it should be good to do once a week.

This morning was a pretty good workout.  I got 6 HIIT in before my wife came down so I went on the bike and burned over 600 calories total.  I know my body is stronger but I feel week.  It seems to take so much energy to get through these workouts.  Maybe it’s because I am pushing myself just a little bit harder but it feels like I should just break through this and not struggle so much.  But that’s ok.  Bring it on.

New Goal

I think I know what kinda happened last week to my weight loss and attitude.  I got comfortable with my next goal for the end of July.  I was within 5 lbs of it and I started to cruise.  Today I found another goal to shoot for.  In 6 weeks my brother and his wife will be visiting from NY and I’m going to try to lose 10lbs.  It might be a bit much but I think it’s reachable and it would put me in excellent shape to get to my 50 pound mark for the family reunion by the end of the month of July.  This should help me get more focused on my food intake and cut out the little cheats I’ve been doing lately.

Tonight I went back to one of my first circuit training, bringing back the steps.  It was a good workout and I focused on the technique of how I did my weight lifting, slowing it down and making the muscles work more.  I tried to add a new exercise, pull-ups, but I just don’t have the muscle and probably too much weight.  I figured out another weight lift that would help encourage more strength in that area.  I feel good but I know my body is still out of shape.

How much longer?

This week is not going to be so good.

Just have a feeling that I will be lucky to maintain or lose 1lb. And that’s ok. I enjoyed some good food this week, not too much but a little more than I should. My morning exercises have been consistent but my evenings have been getting interrupted. Tonight for example I got interrupted mid-way through my circuit training when my dad stopped by to till up a garden for us. No spot for it this year as we have yet to lay down seed for the grass and even put down top soil. But we stopped to talk for a while and by the time he left, it was almost 9. I have to be able to let that happen, to let life happen and just keep going. There will always be interruptions. I just need to take advantage of the times when they present themselves………………even if it’s 5 in the morning……….