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Protein power

Good day today.  I did sleep in this morning and didn’t get my sprinting in.  After I posted last night I sat with my wife to finish a movie she started.  Tonight I did get in a circuit training which I haven’t done for a while and it felt good.  Tomorrow back on the wagon and going for 5 miles.

Had something interesting happen this last weekend and finally figured it out today.  Starting on Saturday I got a big craving for hamburger.  Held out on Saturday but Sunday it was stronger so I made a hamburger for lunch.  Tasted so good.  Today I found out why, I think.  My muscles are just tight.  Much more definition in my legs and arms.  I don’t lift anything heavier than a 15lb free weight but I do a lot of repetitions at a good pace.  I don’t understand it but I’m going to carefully listen to my body and see where it leads.