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Still no race

Next week is our last chance.  Last night the weather was fine but we would have ended up paying 3x more than what we would next Friday because they had the World of Outlaws last night.  While fun WOO does not make that much difference to my son and not worth it to us to go to.  So this opened the night to inviting a friend and his kids over to play with mine while he and I watched the Viks game and the unveiling of the Favre.  I am a big Vikings and football fan and excited to have #4 on our team.  While I didn’t expect much from him last night as he’s been with the team for only 3 days, it at least confirmed that he is with the team.  He’s the best option for our team to win.  Doesn’t mean we’ll win the SB but should make for a more interesting year.

This morning I was going to get my 6 mile run in but as I was putting my shoes on another friend called who asked if we could watch their kid as they go to the hospital.  She’s 7 months pregnant and having some labor pains.  They don’t have family up here so we’re glad to do it.  It just may push my run until later in the day but that’s ok.  Gave me a chance to paint my in-wall speakers so they now hide into the wall.

Also gives me a chance to visit my reward for my big goal.  While reading the book “Are you Ready?” by Bob Harper it got me into the Effort = Reward mindset.  I understand the rewards of a healthy body/lifestyle but I grabbed onto this as well.  I started putting in $30 per paycheck into a savings account and it’s been exciting to see that grow.  I’m not one who buys things for himself.  My mp3 player is a refurbished Sansa that works just fine.  I don’t do video games.  I do not have a 4-wheeler or a pickup which is kinda of a right’s of a man thing up here.  No boat for fishing or recreation.  No motor cycle and my car is a 13 year old care we bought 6 years ago for $1500.  Our budget goes to trips to Europe (although my in-laws have helped a lot with this), paying bills, and paying for our house.  My hobbies are big sound which is satisfied by helping out at a church that has an amazing sound system.  Small audio which I am being patient about waiting to finish our basement but love the little deals that I find here and there.  The third is computers.  I’m an electronic technician and I love programming and working on computers.  My wife has the newest computer in the house and that one is 4 years old.  My laptop is 8 years old and doesn’t have much longer to live.  I have 6 keys missing and 2 others on their way out because of my little guy and then the processor is getting old.  There are times when it will not type what I typed.  Before it used to take it’s time to catch up to my typing, now it’s completely ignoring me.  So this is what I’ve got my prize temporarily set at.

A180-15608-01It’s an Acer AS5810T.  As I just want something for general use, this puppy has an Intel Core Duo Single core that’s at 1.4GHz but that allows battery time up to 8-9 hours.  It has an HDMI output in case we ever get a TV with that, LED screen which I’ve held out for a long time, it’s thin and light and will do everything I want.  The setup I’ll get will have 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and a 512MB video card that will help with the video processing.  I’ll probably get Adobe Photoshop Elements so my wife can do some editing on it and then move that over to her computer whenever we get a new one for her.  Sorry if I bored you over this but I am looking forward to this and helps to know that I’m that much closer to it.  I say temporarily because another laptop could come up or another idea.  But I do like this one after looking at a lot of them.  We’ll see.


Quick post – but a needed post

It’s 10pm and I’m usually in bed by now to get up at 5 to go running.  I just got home from my parents after helping my dad install a countertop in his kitchen.  Good, its done.  Time for sleep.

But one thing.  My wife went shopping in a city about 45 minutes away.  Our small town of 9000 doesn’t have much to offer and Grand Forks has Kohl’s and a lot of the places we used to have in the cities.  Not all but most.  Anyway, she went shopping today and I told her to look but don’t buy much for me.  Especially jeans.  I said that I want to be there to try them on and see how they fit before I buy.  I just bought dress slack at 36/30 and while snug, comfortable.  She comes back, shows me the 4 shirts she bought me, and then pulls out the jeans.  34/30….   COME ON!!!!!!  Like I have a chance to slip into those.  I hold them up, feel how wide they are.  You know.  You kinda know how a pair of pants will fit just by holding them out in front of you and seeing how wide they are.  These ones are not so wide.  Well, let’s just see how snug they are going to be.  Up the calves, no problem but those are calves.  Go past the knee and hit the part of the thigh where I’m expecting them to stop.  They don’t.   WHAT?  They keep going up……all the way up.  I’m in shock at this moment.  My mouth is open.  Understand this, I think I was in 36/30 in high school when I weighed 185.  And these jeans are not relaxed fit, they are straight cut.  So I’m thinking that fine, that’s great, I can bring them up this high but there is no way I can button them.  I screamed as the button slipped into the whole without a herculean effort.  6 months ago I was wearing 42/30s.  I was thinking when I lost the 80lbs that I wanted to that I’d be wearing a waist around 36.  But 34, at this moment is just unbelievable.  It’s 4 hours later and I’m still in shock.

And yet this is more motivation.  I am not done yet.  I still have 24lbs before reaching my big goal and that won’t be the end either.  This was an amazing reward today.  One completely unexpected and one that I will cherish for a long time.  Another reward is coming this next weekend as I get to see my favorite aunt as she’s coming up for a visit.  She saw me about 35lbs ago and she was happy with me then.  It should be a great hug and a good conversation.  Hopefully the week will go by faster than last week.

New goals

As I went for my run on Saturday and not feeling motivated I started thinking about what it was going to take to keep myself motivated.  Today it started coming together that my new goal is to get down to 218 (60 pounds lost) by September 4th.  That would be 9 lbs in 6 weeks which is about on track as it took me 7 weeks to lose 11lbs this last time.  This would also mean 60 pounds in 6 months as that marks the weekend that we went to see my sister in Omaha which began my journey.  So the plan is to take that long weekend to go see my sister and celebrate.  It will be a great time and hopefully we can go out with her and her husband.  I owe my sister a lot for this.

This morning’s workout was not so great.  I was still tired and slept in by 30 minutes.  I was able to get my 10 sprints in but that was it.  Tonight I hit it hard.  10 minute warmup, an hour and 10 minutes of intense circuit training and then a 10 minute cool-down.  I added a new twist to my push-ups.  Each time I came up, I’d lift a 10lb weight with one hand, do another pushup and lift with the other hand.  I was shaking after that one but will probably keep it as it makes me work harder.  I need to find some more different stuff to add to the routine to keep it fresh.

Beautiful weekend

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  Well, I could but then we’re talking really big dreams.  The weather at the cabin was great.  The lake is spring fed so it can get cold but I swam two of the days.  Saturday morning I got a 13mile + bike ride and then last night after the fish dinner I ran the 25-step stairs about 20 times.  My brother and his wife noticed the change right away and said I was looking good.  I thought I’d get more satisfaction out of it but I remembered I’m not doing this for them.

We got some fishing in, a look at the local, 1 building town, parade, firework competition over the lake, all kinds of stuff.  It felt so good to have reached my goal and to think about the weight that has come off.  One fun thing our 1 year old is doing is lifting his shirt up to show his belly off.  I have no idea where he got this from because I am not at that stage yet but it’s pretty cute.  He also thinks that others should show their bellies as well and is always trying to lift my shirt and my wife’s shirt up to see what kind of belly action we’ve got going on.  I know I’m a lot more comfortable with him doing that (although we are trying to teach him not to do that to others) than I would have been 6 months ago.  It’s great to be at this point.

We came home this morning to relax before another big family day tomorrow.  All of the family took a nap this afternoon which gave me some ‘tech time’.  I got to play around with some new software for my mp3 player and catch up on some exercise blogs.  I ran into one that is a former “Biggest Loser” contestant and he was talking about Jillian Michael’s podcast on KFI.  I remember it from a while ago but this was a great reminder.  I downloaded 4 episodes and went outside to work on the yard while listening to 2 shows.  Jillian has a certain way of motivating me.  I love her “well, duh!’ attitude and being fed up with people who use excuses.  So many times I’ve wanted to be that way with other people but have to consider the friendship angle.  Anyway, it got me pumped up, helped me clean and put stuff away in a good pace.  Even got me to look at my bike and take it for a quick for mile run.  I’m glad to have found it and encourage anyone who is looking for education, tips, or motivation to look up “KFI Sunday” in iTunes.

Well, off to wash the bathrooms.  Have a great evening.


Before I start on my exciting, personal discovery I have to tell you about a phone conversation I had with my mom last night.  As a family it can be hard to dish out compliments, especially when a pattern of disappointment has been established.  My weight, while maybe not called disappointment by my parents, has been something they’ve been concerned about for a long time.  My mom is a nurse and is very aware of nutrition while my dad is a farmer and does a great job of listening to her and going along with the program.  It is not surprising that they may be a little reserved about this journey as it is not the first time I’ve talked about losing weight or even trying, but I think they see a difference.  Mom called to tell me how proud she is of me that I’ve stayed with it and have put in a lot of hard work to get where I’m at.  She has seen how different I look and a little excited about where this journey might go.  I’m grateful to have a supportive family that encourages me, doesn’t say anything that creates a road-block in my mind, and continues to challenge me.  My sister, Ingrid, is also a HUGE part of this in being open to conversations to diet and exercise.  My wife, Ester, has been great about what foods to have in the house, to talk about where I’m at with the exercise and what else I could try to get the most out of my efforts.  Without my family, this all would be very hard to do and I am forever grateful to them.

And now for the beans.  I was digging through the fridge yesterday because I was having a case of the munchies like Steve was having yesterday.  I came across some beans so I started to do some research online and read articles like this one, Beans.  After seeing how good they were in fiber and protein I decided to cook some up and have for a snack.  Boy, did I get full in a hurry.  I do pretty good with having vegetables raw and alone so it was great to find another taste on my mouth and then to feel my body working on digesting that little meal.  I’m hoping that it helps me reach my goal of 2lbs for the week.

Speaking of that, the scale has been frustrating.  Usually at weigh day it is the lowest part of fluctuations that happen during the weekend.  For some reason, I time it just right, then go up 2lbs the next day.  This weekend has been very different.  It hasn’t moved, not a little either way.  So either it’s setting me up for a good week or I’m going to throw the scale out the window on Friday.  I know, it’s not the scale’s fault but it doesn’t have feelings so I don’t care.

New heights

Yesterday was such a fun day.  I really took in the accomplishment of reaching that 40lb mark and reflected what I’ve gone through the last 4 months and where I was 6 months ago.  I was remembering how uncomfortable it was to sleep, how much less room I had in the driver’s seat, how tight big clothes felt on me, how I was aware that people might be looking at me because of my weight.  Now I’m sitting in my chair in my bedroom with plenty of room on the sides, wearing a shirt that I haven’t worn for 6 years and it fits great, resting after finishing my first 6 mile run in preparation for my 10K that I will run in August.  I feel strong physically and mentally.  I’m learning that it’s ok to treat myself with some food because of how I’m working out.  I need the energy, just as long as I keep the processed stuff in check.  Last night I grilled some burgers, eating one along with some potato chips that we made ourselves.  We included the skins which has enzymes that helps breakdown the starch that is in potatoes which I’m re-learning can be a healthy food when prepared properly. It felt good to see the scale had not changed this morning after that good meal last night.

I was sore yesterday from yesterday morning’s workout, especially my knees.  I went for a walk last night pushing my daughter in the stroller, having the puppy on the leash, and letting my son bike in front of us.  It was just 2 miles but I was feeling it afterward.  Had to have a soak last night because I really wanted to get things loosened up for today’s run.  Woke up less sore but I’ll probably feel it later today.  I’ll just take it easy on the knees for the rest of the weekend.  If I do exercise, it will be on the exercise bike or an actual bike.

It just feels great to be at this moment.  I think I’m going to break down my goals now to 10lb goals.  No rewards.  The feeling of accomplishment is reward enough.


As the day as gone on, my back has gotten a lot worse.  I think I have to be really careful with stretching before and after these longer runs, probably with the shorter runs too.  So glad I have a day off tomorrow.

No more weight loss

I still weighed the same this morning as I did Friday morning, 241lbs, which gives me a weight loss of 2lbs for the week.  Great weight loss but I’m still motivated to lose more.  I saw some pictures of me from over the weekend and even though I can see a difference, I still see a person that I don’t see in the mental image that I have of myself.  The work is not done.  I have to get back to running tomorrow morning and keep doing what I’m doing.  This week’s goal is once again 3lbs.  This next Saturday would mark my 3-month anniversary into this weight loss and how awesome would it be to hit 40lbs!  I never would have thought that I would be at this point.

I am going to try to run more to prepare myself for that 10K.  I might just try to go 4 miles tomorrow, one round trip of a block out here in the country but it’s supposed to be only 41 degrees in the morning so we’ll see.