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Pushing through

Back is still acting up but I was able to get my HIIT in this morning on the exercise bike.  It’s not uncomfortable but the soreness is just there.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to go on the treadmill and get some incline walking in.  Might be the last exercise for the weekend as we are going away to my parent’s cabin for our anniversary.  A well deserved break from it all, especially with what happened today.

We had a couple of inspections done on the house today.  The first was a pressure test for the plumbing and that past with no problems.  The second was a house inspection and we had a couple of flags come up.  I heard about it from work and my stress level went up.  We’ve been trying to close on this house for 6 months and it is just crazy how many roadblocks come up.  I feel like I’m fighting for my life to get things done and then we wait and wait for others to do there part and then it comes back on us again.  After a few phone calls to get our carpenter here and to straighten out some people on why we can’t close on the house on the bills we owe them, I felt some relief.  They’ve been sympathetic and understand we’re doing all we can and facing a government system that is just broken.  If there was a bag of chips in the house, I don’t know what would have happened to them.  So grateful that we had a soccer game to go to and other things that helped get my mind off all the stress of life around this house.  I’ll just be glad when it’s over.

It got me thinking about something regarding my exercise.  I’ve probably found a lot of comfort with my exercise because it’s something I can control.  Something I can do to fix things.  Does it fix everything?  No.  But I see results, in the mirror and on the scale.  I’m stronger.  It might be why I’m getting more focused with work.  Not putting in more hours since there is a cap to the 40 hour week but concentrating on my work.  These are something I can control to some degree.   It also helps me take a step back and look at this whole house situation.   Even with the struggles, I see that we put a great effort into this great house and were able to concentrate on all the details of putting it together.  We’re not done yet but it is quite an accomplishment when looking at the big picture.

I’m done rambling.  Time to hit the hay.


A Different Kind of Exercise

Monday night is supposed to be the night when I start my circuit training for the week but plans, ah plans, they do tend to get de-railed….  We’ve finally have had about 3-4 dry days and with rain coming tonight it was time to burn the insulating hay over the drain field for the house.  I had to do this carefully because my smaller burn pile is closer to the woods with dead grass leading to a fiery doom.   I had to plan careful.  I started a fire at one end of the burn pile and while it made it’s way over to the side closest to the wood, I started little fires in the grass around the pile to create a burning barrier.  Worked out pretty good.  Once that was done, came in for a salad, carrots, and a tiny bit of ice cream and then got to work.  Total, I spent2.5 hours out there working my tail off.  I was surprised by the amount of sweat it produced.  Partly from walking in the mud.  Other partly from the weight of the wet hay from underneath.  I probably didn’t burn as many calories as I would have if I did a circuit training but it was a different workout for my body and I got something accomplished before the rains came.  And that feels pretty good.


2 eggs with toast, apple

Early lunch

2 squares of homemade pizza, carrots, cucumbers, saltines, 100 cal fudge graham snack

Late lunch

1 square of homemade pizza, soy nuts and almonds, carrots, cucumber


1 pack of honey nut Cheerios


Chicken salad with cucumber dressing, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1/8 cup of ice cream, 1 carrot