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Beautiful day

We were in the 80’s today but the humidity was in the low 30’s.  Just gorgeous.  It felt good to coach a soccer game tonight and enjoy playing with the kids.  I did a couple of walks during breaks too as well as a great 40 minute workout on the treadmill.  I tried running for the first 10 minutes and then brought my speed down as I increased the incline.  Once again I loved my heart rate monitor.  I was able to keep myself in a specific heart range when I wanted it to be intense and found a good cooling pace when I needed a minute of rest.  It really helps me push myself and yet I wasn’t so exhausted as I have been before on the treadmill.  I love that thing.

I had another victory last night.  Last night I went to a friend’s place to help with some computer problems.  On the way back I had planned to stop by the grocery store to pick up some ice cream and apples.  I love ice cream, especially in the summer and I’ve been really good about my portions during this whole time of the change.  I’ve never had more than what I determined early on as an allowable portion.  It’s been a treat.  As I was walking up to the grocery store, I said to myself  “I don’t need this.”  Right at the door I stopped, turned around and left.  I don’t need it and going to try to be without it for a month.   What’s going to help is the fruit smoothies my wife has been making for us.  Keep ’em coming!


Let’s revisit the big picture again.

I’ve moved my weigh day up from Saturday to Friday to accomodate weekends when we’ll be gone.  As I looked down at the scale early this morning I wasn’t too pleased.  One pound loss.  With all the working out I’ve been doing and being so good with my attitude towards food and keeping the healthy lifestyle, all I have to show is one pound?  I even put off a free Dilly Bar for one pound!

At first I contemplated waiting until tomorrow for my official weigh for the week.  I’m a big spreadsheet guy and I have all these goals laid out with different weekly weight-loss averages.  I’m still way ahead of the 2.5/week average but seeing another 1 next to that, I just wasn’t pleased.

Then I started thinking big picture.  My body is adjusting to a more strenuous workout schedule, I probably haven’t caught up with adjusting my diet to account for those calories burned, and when I tried on one of my new shirts today, it was looser than when I had it on Sunday.  1 pound is progress.  This week was filled with progress and I’m one step closer to where I want to be.  Where I need to be.

Time to be strong.

Back at home.

Had a great weekend and a healthy weekend.  My aunt made great food and we made great choices when we went out.  One thing we kinda had no control over is when friends took us out to Costco for a cheap pizza which was great for the kids.  I still had 2 pieces because I had to eat something but was really aware of what I was eating.  But great news.  I weighed myself this morning and I’m a pound less than when I weighed myself on Saturday, justifying that number for another scale.  Love it.  

New goals.  Before the laptop was going to be purchased when I reach 50lbs but I’m re-thinking that I want that to be 80lbs.  It’s a long ways away but I think it’s within reach and gets me below the 200lb mark.  It gives that 200lb real signifigance in a reward for me and for my body.  The 50lb mark will still be celebrated with a trip to the clothing store for some new clothes.  

Trying something new.  High Intensity Interval Training.   I got an article from my aunt and we talked about it.  The thing is to do the highest intensity you can handle for a short time, rest for a short time, and then do it again.  Right now I can’t find out if it should be a part of every work out or 2-3 times a week which is what I’m going to shoot for until I know more.  Today it was this

1 minute @ 2MPH (warm up)

2 minute @ 3 MPH (warm up)

20 Secs @ 8MPH

1 min @ 3MPH

Repeat 6 times

It wasn’t too bad at all.  The article has about 12 steps to go through to increase the intensity so I might step up to number 2 on Wednesday.  It’s supposed to be a boost to the metabolism.  I’m aware that there is a plateau out there and I want to keep doing all the different things I can to challenge my body and myself.  Just want to keep on going.  Thankfully I feel that my body is getting stronger and stronger and able to keep going with the more intense workouts.  Maybe someday I’ll even try to tackle my wife’s DVD workout which I hear is a burner.


Protein bar, Oatmeal

Early lunch

Tuna sandwich, 1/8 cup of trail mix


Carrots, celery, an apple

Late Lunch

Tuna sandwich, 1/8 cup of trail mix, 100 cal cheerios


Tuna salad (TUNA DAY!!!), 1/8 cup of ice cream, 8 multi-grain chips


Yogurt with granola

Dressing Spritz (whatever) are the worst

Tonight in my salad I decided to try a Honey Mustard spritz.  It’s a spray that is supposed to replace salad dressing.  This one was basically putting flavored water, if even that, on the dressing.  There was no taste from it at all and sorry, that’s not good enough.  I want to eat healthy but there has to be a little taste.  I’m keeping the dressing in check when I put it on so I’m going to stick with that and wait until cucumbers are in season to add to the salad.  Maybe I should add some frozen peas, that might be good…….

Exercise was good today and tonight.  Really liking the new treadmill format, 2 minutes @ 3mph – 3 minutes @ 4mph.  It’s working out great as far as not using the incline but still burning calories.  I like how I’m able to find new ways to work out and have fun with it while still keeping it intense.  Pretty soon I’ll add roller-blading on Saturday’s.  Maybe I should bring mine to my aunt and uncle’s next weekend where it’s a bit rolly.  


Special K. apple

Early Lunch

Spaghetti, 2 wasa crackers, soy nuts and almonds


Celery and carrots

Late Lunch

Spaghetti, 2 wasa crackers, soy nuts and almonds, 100 calorie fudge covered graham crackers


Tuna Salad with ‘water’, 1/4 cup of yummy bad ice cream.