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Still no race

Next week is our last chance.  Last night the weather was fine but we would have ended up paying 3x more than what we would next Friday because they had the World of Outlaws last night.  While fun WOO does not make that much difference to my son and not worth it to us to go to.  So this opened the night to inviting a friend and his kids over to play with mine while he and I watched the Viks game and the unveiling of the Favre.  I am a big Vikings and football fan and excited to have #4 on our team.  While I didn’t expect much from him last night as he’s been with the team for only 3 days, it at least confirmed that he is with the team.  He’s the best option for our team to win.  Doesn’t mean we’ll win the SB but should make for a more interesting year.

This morning I was going to get my 6 mile run in but as I was putting my shoes on another friend called who asked if we could watch their kid as they go to the hospital.  She’s 7 months pregnant and having some labor pains.  They don’t have family up here so we’re glad to do it.  It just may push my run until later in the day but that’s ok.  Gave me a chance to paint my in-wall speakers so they now hide into the wall.

Also gives me a chance to visit my reward for my big goal.  While reading the book “Are you Ready?” by Bob Harper it got me into the Effort = Reward mindset.  I understand the rewards of a healthy body/lifestyle but I grabbed onto this as well.  I started putting in $30 per paycheck into a savings account and it’s been exciting to see that grow.  I’m not one who buys things for himself.  My mp3 player is a refurbished Sansa that works just fine.  I don’t do video games.  I do not have a 4-wheeler or a pickup which is kinda of a right’s of a man thing up here.  No boat for fishing or recreation.  No motor cycle and my car is a 13 year old care we bought 6 years ago for $1500.  Our budget goes to trips to Europe (although my in-laws have helped a lot with this), paying bills, and paying for our house.  My hobbies are big sound which is satisfied by helping out at a church that has an amazing sound system.  Small audio which I am being patient about waiting to finish our basement but love the little deals that I find here and there.  The third is computers.  I’m an electronic technician and I love programming and working on computers.  My wife has the newest computer in the house and that one is 4 years old.  My laptop is 8 years old and doesn’t have much longer to live.  I have 6 keys missing and 2 others on their way out because of my little guy and then the processor is getting old.  There are times when it will not type what I typed.  Before it used to take it’s time to catch up to my typing, now it’s completely ignoring me.  So this is what I’ve got my prize temporarily set at.

A180-15608-01It’s an Acer AS5810T.  As I just want something for general use, this puppy has an Intel Core Duo Single core that’s at 1.4GHz but that allows battery time up to 8-9 hours.  It has an HDMI output in case we ever get a TV with that, LED screen which I’ve held out for a long time, it’s thin and light and will do everything I want.  The setup I’ll get will have 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and a 512MB video card that will help with the video processing.  I’ll probably get Adobe Photoshop Elements so my wife can do some editing on it and then move that over to her computer whenever we get a new one for her.  Sorry if I bored you over this but I am looking forward to this and helps to know that I’m that much closer to it.  I say temporarily because another laptop could come up or another idea.  But I do like this one after looking at a lot of them.  We’ll see.


Weigh Day.

Lost 4lbs this week.  I was hoping for that exact number to see some better results than last week.  I doubt that it ever be more than that in one week.  Still noticing how things feel different.  Clothes are looser, even able to wear clothes that I haven’t worn in a while.  My face is changing too.  Things are becoming more defined.  I have a long way to go but love that things are happening.  From now on I’m going to be happy with 2lbs/week.  That will get me to my 1st major goal in September/October, actually sooner than I would like because I would need another 4 months of savings to get to the financial goal where I need to be for  the laptop I want.  My feelings were further encouraged after reading this article.  http://www.burnthefatblog.com/archives/2009/02/the_2_pounds_per_week_rule_and.php

Today’s plan was to hit the treadmill this morning which I did and then do my circuit training but plans changed as they tend to do.  My wife wasn’t able to go to Grand Forks today because of bridges that are closed.  That freed me up to clean the bathrooms and then something I had put off for a couple of days.  I did 2 hours of snow shoveling and getting my car unstuck in the driveway.  My heart rate kept up at a pretty high rate so I feel I got the work out I needed.  After I was done I went to our old house to pick up more items to move over.  With everything put away it was time to call it a day.  The shower felt so good and now I’m relaxing for the evening.  I have a radio to tear apart and try to fix and then it’s game time with the kids.  

It’s been a good Saturday.


2 eggs with toast

Mid morning

8 pieces of rice chips, carrots


2 slices of home made pizza, one graham cracker fudge snack


10 cashews, carrots


2 small turkey burgers, a few rice chips, an apple


yogurt with granola

I hate running.

That’s what I’ve always told myself.  Couldn’t do it in high school and just never had inspiration.  My wife has ran a marathon and loves running with our German Shepherd, Basi but I think there is a small part inside of her that wishes I was running next to her.  I might be able to this summer.  This morning I went running for 20 minutes and could have kept going.  It’s a slower pace but for my short legs 4.5 MPH is just fine.  Before the longest I went was 13 minutes which was a week ago.  This week when I’ve tried to run that long I would hit a wall right away.  Something is telling me I was trying too much too fast.  But at 4.5 I’ve found a stride that I can keep.  

Tonight I was also able to put in a single circuit training before playing games with the kids.  That took about 40 minutes but I added another weight exercise to the circuit.  It was a great workout and I was feeling it at the end but I still could have gone another circuit if I had the time.  I’ll save it for tomorrow before my rest day on Sunday.

More motivation.  My main goal is 50 lbs which would let me buy a new laptop.  I’ve had 2 older ones for the last 2 years.  The newer laptop ate the big one about a month ago and now my older one, 8 years old, the inverter for the screen went out.  I’m using it right now but it’s hooked up to a monitor which is kinda pointless.  I’ll still probably fix this one since it costs only $35 to get the part but it’s just gets me more motivated to meet my goal and really enjoy it.  Oh, to help me reach this goal I started a savings account a few weeks ago and every 2 weeks $30 goes into that fund.  This needs to be something we pay with cash but at least my wife is letting me getting one that I want, not just the cheapest one we can find.  Pretty cool.


Oatmeal with bananas, apples


6 slices of cucumbers, carrots, celery, 3 pieces of graham crackers


1 meatball sandwich, 100 calorie graham cracker fudge snack, cucumbers


soy nuts, almonds, cheerios, carrots


2 slices of homemade pizza, 1 graham cracker fudge cracker


yogurt with granola