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A Different Kind of Exercise

Monday night is supposed to be the night when I start my circuit training for the week but plans, ah plans, they do tend to get de-railed….  We’ve finally have had about 3-4 dry days and with rain coming tonight it was time to burn the insulating hay over the drain field for the house.  I had to do this carefully because my smaller burn pile is closer to the woods with dead grass leading to a fiery doom.   I had to plan careful.  I started a fire at one end of the burn pile and while it made it’s way over to the side closest to the wood, I started little fires in the grass around the pile to create a burning barrier.  Worked out pretty good.  Once that was done, came in for a salad, carrots, and a tiny bit of ice cream and then got to work.  Total, I spent2.5 hours out there working my tail off.  I was surprised by the amount of sweat it produced.  Partly from walking in the mud.  Other partly from the weight of the wet hay from underneath.  I probably didn’t burn as many calories as I would have if I did a circuit training but it was a different workout for my body and I got something accomplished before the rains came.  And that feels pretty good.


2 eggs with toast, apple

Early lunch

2 squares of homemade pizza, carrots, cucumbers, saltines, 100 cal fudge graham snack

Late lunch

1 square of homemade pizza, soy nuts and almonds, carrots, cucumber


1 pack of honey nut Cheerios


Chicken salad with cucumber dressing, 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 1/8 cup of ice cream, 1 carrot