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This heading is a new category I’m going to set up to mark weight milestones or fitness milestones.  Today I had a fitness milestone.  I’ve been doing 4 milers for a while now – walking some of the time, running most of the time.  Today I ran for all of the time.  I had an idea that this is what I wanted to do today and it felt good all the way around.  I set a slower pace and just kept focused on mini goals.  The next post, the next road sign, to the end of the woods.  At one point a skunk crossed the road 200 feet in front of me.  OF ALL DAYS FOR A SKUNK TO DO THAT!!  I kept on going.  I knew I had pushed myself pretty good by the time it was for me to slow and cool down.  It was probably my best sweat for being outside and I could feel it in my legs.  I ran 4 miles today.  I still can’t believe it.  I still hate running but I might be addicted to it.  Not my last milestone but a big one for my mind.

Tonight was another night for a walk with the dog but this time the whole family came with.  My wife took some pictures of me to show how my progress has been.  I don’t like the progress pics of me standing in front of a wall.  I like action shots which also gives everyone a taste of what the country life up here looks like and also how flat it is.  Flat as a pancake which makes for beautiful sunsets.  Another thing about the pics.  I hate them.  I know I look better, much healthier and slimmer but it still doesn’t match the mental picture I have of myself.  I’ve made a lot of progress but I’m not done yet.

My dad's farm is in the background

My dad's farm is in the background

Me and the puppy.  Can you see what I'm dealing with?

Me and the puppy. Can you see what I'm dealing with?

Notice the relaxed boy in the back

Notice the relaxed boy in the back


Puppy training

This morning for my 4 mile jog I decided to take our 12 week old puppy to get him used to it.  My wife really likes to run with dogs for the companionship and the security but she doesn’t have much patience to train them.  So we went out and walked the first half mile.  I learned that he is better when we’re away from the shoulder, away from the grass, and with it being a gravel road I wasn’t too concerned about cars.  I was able to get a mile of jogging straight in and he did pretty good at that.  Let him get a drink of water from the ditch and the next mile we jogged about half of it which wasn’t too bad.  Then we had a mile stretch along the highway.  Each car distracted him and then he’d get on the scent of something else.  I stopped each time, gave him a talking to while giving his ears a good rub down so that he would focus on me and running/walking along side me.  It usually worked but by mile 3 I could tell he was worn out.  The last half mile consisted of 3 poddy stops and then a last mad dash because one of my dad’s dogs joined the jog and ran ahead of us which put puppy in full force.   We did it in an hour which wasn’t too bad for his first time.  I just hope he gets better so I can get more of a workout.

Today was a lazy day.  The weather up here has been just crap.  Cold, in the 50’s and 60’s for highs.  Today was cloudy and windy so I just had a lazy day.  Watched a movie, did some surfing online looking at tech stuff, but not much else.  Tonight I’m going to hit the exercise bike for 45 minutes while watching hockey after I play with the kids for a bit.  The aim will be 700 calories.  I’m really sore from the running and circuit training I did yesterday.  A trip to the hot tub is most deserved tonight with a couple of re-runs of Biggest Loser to watch.