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But ohhhhh, what a ride!

What in the world is wrong with me???  I went for a 12 mile bike ride this morning, in the rain.  The first 5 miles were not too bad.  A little bit of sprinkles and I had a good tempo, it felt pretty good.  The second half was against the wind that picked up all of a sudden and the rain increased at least 3X.  This was the point where I started thinking, “Why am I wearing glasses right now?”  At least I was able to give the passers going by a wet t-shirt show….probably not what they had in mind while on their way to work.  Hopefully they didn’t revisit their breakfast.

I came in the house soaked.  Realize when I’m saying this that I wear boxers, then bike shorts, then a pair of regular shorts.  All soaked.  My shoes were sloshing for crying out loud.  I stepped off the bike and water squirted out of them.  And that 12th mile.  Didn’t have to do it.  I went out of my way at the end just so I could say I did 12 instead of 11.  I remember somewhere along the way thinking, “Well if Lance Armstrong can go 50 miles in one day in the rain, I can finish this off.”  Yeah, I’m not any near close to Armstrong.  And oh was I feeling it the rest of the day.  It felt like I just got done with a 6 hour horse back ride.

Fortunately things have loosened up a bit and I’m ready to take it easy tonight and tomorrow.  I need rest, my body needs a break, and my clothes need to dry.  But I did bike 12 miles this morning in 45 minutes.  Not too bad.  Never again, at least in rain.