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Great day

These days seem so far and few between that when they do come, you just want to scream like a little girl.  OK, that might be a little extreme but I can’t help but smile at just how a day went.

Exercise was extremely awesome.  I burned 780 calories on the exercise bike this morning in 42 minutes.  To focus on getting done, sometimes I had to quietly sing out the words to the music I was listening to.  Apparently too loud though as my wife was asking me later who I was talking to down here.  Throughout the day I felt sore from the exercise last night, especially my hammies, knees and then biceps which have not been sore for a long time.  Then tonight 30 minutes after I ate I went for a 6 mile run.  I know, a little crazy but it’s so nice out and I just felt like I could do it.  Once again my groove really got going into mile 3.  I need to start keeping track of how fast I’m doing it because I’m sure the last half is faster than my first half.  Anywho, I had my best time of one hour and 7 minutes.  AND THEN I couldn’t do my cool-down because the mosquitoes found me!!  AND THEN I’m banished to my cave in the basement because I stink and don’t want to take a shower.  I’m ok with that.  It’s just me writing and listening to pandora.com.  This is the life.  Now if I just had a faster computer…..

Eating was great too.  At first my schedule at work just had a meeting from 9:30 to 10 and that was it.  I ate my early lunch before the meeting and good thing I did.  That meeting lasted until 10:40 which in turn created another meeting at 11 which went until 1.  I had to spend those 20 minutes catching up with helping others that I work with and just had a couple of almonds and carrots.  So this afternoon was spent catching up with food and work.  I feel like I was eating so much but I was just catching up with my calories for the day.  I knew I wanted to get a good run in because tomorrow I’m donating blood at work and probably will just take it easy on the exercise bike tomorrow night.

This day has really flew by.  Hopefully tomorrow will too and then weigh day and a trip to Omaha!


Running with the boys

Today was a better day.  I ate a bit more.  Egg white after I did my sprints this morning, a handful of crackers and trail mix this afternoon.  One thing that’s been missing out of my diet the last few days is fruit so I picked up some apples along with my carrots after work today.  Tonight instead of a salad I had a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.  Rested.  Then did a new workout.  It was a circuit training but with different exercises.  It also brought back an exercise that I had sworn off a while ago.  Burpies.  It’s where you squat down to your hands, thrust the legs back, jump to bring the legs forward, then jump in the air.  The last time I did this did not bring a good result.  It’s fun to look back and see how long it took to recover and what I was able to get back to for exercise.  I’m grateful that I have this written down to look back on just for myself.

Anyway, the workout really got to me.  I can feel new soreness with the new exercises and the squat thrust jumps really wore me out.  I followed the training with a trip on the treadmill.  First 4 minutes were a run and then I went into a walk with a steep incline.  Total was 15 minutes.  AND THEN…….

There was one boy left with my wife for daycare and he’s my oldest son’s age.  They’ve been talking up how they could be me in a running race so we had a race then.  I set up an 1/8th of a mile race on the gravel road back to our mailbox.  The first race I started with them and kinda jogged with them trying to keep them in it but also letting them know I could take off at any time.  I won.  Second race, I gave them a head start of 5 seconds, caught up with them and then cruised as my son passed me for the win.  THIRD RACE, gave them a 10 second lead and went all out.  The other boy beat us but I nearly caught up to them at the end.  That was 10 sprints total for the day.  Then we went for a little jog to watch the combines harvest until the mosquitos were just too much.

All in all a pretty good day.  My stomach feels better and I hope the weight keeps coming off.  I don’t think I’ll make it but you never know.

Lessons Learned – Update – Accomplishment

I made a mistake yesterday.  Not with bad food or not exercising, it was a timing thing.  First of all, I had a strong day yesterday.  Someone had brought in my favorite snack, chips and a homemade cheesy salsa dip with veggies on top and it was across the cube from me all morning.  But right now I’m on a mission to get to 60 in 6 which is next week so I didn’t have any.  That moment pushed me through the rest of the day and I was determined to do a 6 miler last night.  Here is where I learned my lesson.

Several factors need to be known.  Yesterday was my oldest’s birthday and we were going to have family over in the evening so I had to run right after I got home.  Second, my wife made pizza which I love and I got the mind-set that I had to eat that pizza last night.  That is where I really messed up.  I should have forgotten about the pizza last night and had a couple of slices with me for lunch today.   I should have had a peanut butter sandwich before the run and waited a half hour to have energy.  I did none of that.  I had 3 cashews and took off.  The whole run was a struggle.  It was warm and humid out and I couldn’t get my heart rate up to where I wanted it to be.  It averaged around 132/133, not good.  Then my pace was off and it added 5 minutes to my time I had last time.  Just yuck all over.  So then I get home, eat 2 squares of pizza, a half of chicken breast and washed both down with 2 glasses of water.  I could feel right away that this was not a good idea.  It kept me up until 11:30 and I’m still feeling it.  Never again will I set myself up for that.  Not worth it.

That being said, it’s Weigh day and I am down 3lbs this week.  Need to lose 2 more lbs to reach 60lbs in 6 months.  I feel good about it but we’ll see.  I feel my focus and determination turning up a notch and hopefully that will carry me through.

I still hate running

Started my run today at 4 today.  It was the first time doing a 6 miler this late in the day so it wasn’t as cool.  I wish it was.  70 degrees with 65% humidity.  At least there was a slight wind and it was facing me on the last mile and a half.  The time was 1 hour and 10 minutes so I’m happy with that.  This time instead of including my warm up and cool down in my time and distance, the time counts a full 6 miles with an 1/8th of a mile for warm up and cool down.  My main thing is keeping my heart rate in a certain zone and I was able to do that.  I find it really interesting that for the first half of the run is the time when I struggle the most.  My pace is all messed up as well as my breathing.  It’s hard to get in the heart rate zone exactly where I want and I’m wondering what in the world am I doing out here running.  Then I hit mile 3 and my body hits a switch.  I get into a groove and it doesn’t feel so hard.  My wife doesn’t want me to do more than 6 miles because she has friends that when they went for more than 6 miles, they started gaining weight because of the body storing the fat for itself, starvation mode.  The more I think about it, it makes sense.  I should be concentrating on improving my times, improving my intensity and heart rate.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

I did have the problem again about wanting to go out and run.  It seems almost every time it’s time to exercise, I have to force myself to do it.  It used to be that I couldn’t wait to exercise.  I knew what it was doing for my body and it made me feel so good.  Now I dread how much work I have to do.  Or maybe it’s the results I’ve been getting lately.  And I know I can do it and that I do feel great after working out but I think I’m feeling the trap that a lot of people fall into when wanting to take a break.  How do I get out of this mindset?  Maybe look at my progress over the last couple months, even the last month.  Look at pictures of my progress.  Maybe just write down the numbers on a piece of paper to remind me of how much weight has come off.  I know I’m strong enough to see this through.  I need to continue to find the mental fuel to keep going.  It’s not just about the final number, it’s about the whole attitude to live like this, to not be satisfied that this is where I want to be, not yet.

This blog is not meant to be motivational to others.  It’s a diary.  It’s my journey and a reflection of my emotions, thoughts, and a place to talk about my activities.  I’m not about getting the number of hits on my blog but I want to make sure all of you know I appreciate the compliments both on this page and in person.  It is very encouraging and I’m grateful for those moments that justify the hard work that goes into losing weight.

Yoga, yoga, yoga and a 5-miler

By reading the title you might think I did the yoga in the morning and the 5-miler in the evening.  Not so.  I tried my new route this morning, running on the shoulder of the highway and decided to try for 5 miles.  Did the whole thing in a run and made a decent time.  Glad I was able to get it in with the 8 set circuit training last night to give me an indication of what my limits are.  I even met another couple running, in fact the same guy who asked me to think about running with him.  I might start paying more attention to my pace but I’m more concerned about my heart rate.  It amazes me how much wind can affect the heart rate.  My first 2.5 miles were with the wind and my heart rate stayed around 136.  Turned around and after a half a mile it was up to 142.  I think my pace was the same but this would give me a reason to keep better track of it.  When I came up to my cool down my feet felt so light.  I remember walking and it was like I was walking on air.  Never felt that before.  10 minutes later as I was standing around preparing my food for the day, I started to stiffen up pretty fast.

It kinda stayed with me for the rest of the day and I kept thinking about stretching out tonight with yoga.  We’re borrowing my sister-in-law’s Biggest Loser Yoga Workout DVD and I’ve gone through it a few times.  Every time I dread going through it but about halfway through I feel what it’s doing to my body, my muscles.  The stretching is great and the weight that is put on the muscle as it is being stretched gives such a great feeling of getting a good workout.  A fun addition to the workout was my 15 month old son walking between my legs or all over me as I was doing the poses and stretches.  That really pushed my balancing.  Now I’m relaxed, ready for bed and I need the sleep.  So far this new routine is working out pretty good although it feels like I may not see results this week.  We’ll have to see.

Bear tracks

Well, if there was any motivation to run, that would be it.  As I was running to get ready for my sprints I started paying attention to the gravel roads and noticed the tracks…….claw marks in the road.  Now this was where the road was hard so I couldn’t really see the paw print, just the claw and how they went down an inch and a half.  This was a bear that had been moving!  It was a smaller bear but a bear nonetheless.  At this time I started realizing how alone I was on this road.  It’s a mile from the highway and not traveled much.  I didn’t turn around as I didn’t feel that threatened.  Mostly bears are afraid of humans and if you act like a raving lunatic (not a stretch for me), they run away.  I finished off my sprints but I’m thinking I’m going to run along the highway until it gets too cold.  I love, LOVE running outside.  I love the fresh air and the smell of the fields and a great time is about to come up with harvest around the corner.  So lucky I don’t have allergies so I can enjoy that smell.

Today was a good day all-together.  I got my circuit training in tonight after doing a little thing at church and now just cooling off.  Food was good but I’m still hungry all the time.  Same for yesterday.  I don’t know what I’m craving exactly but I’m pulling away from the chocolate things and try focusing on my water intake.

Funny thing happened at church yesterday.  A neighbor stopped me to talk and started suggesting that we run or bike together.  I was flattered that he thought I could keep up with him as he is training for several triathlons.  What I’ve learned about myself as an introvert is that I like to be alone with my thoughts and music when I’m working out.   I would dislike running with my marathon runner wife even if I could keep up with her pace.  I don’t want to talk.  I just want to get lost and focus on that next post, that next landmark, and just go.  I think people have a hard time believing that this is what I’m like because I’m still outgoing.  Just give me that workout time as MY TIME!

Pushing myself

It’s funny and I know I’ve said this before.  When I’m about to try something new, I rarely wake up knowing that this is going to be the day.  I had my breakfast this morning, set up my Google Reader (will talk about this in a little bit), but on my shoes and then thought today I’m going to really push it with my sprints.  So I did my warm up half mile and got ready mentally for it.  What I’ve been doing with my sprints is go from one telephone pole to the next, rest to the next telephone pole, and then repeat.  I’ve been able to repeat that ten times in one set.  Today I sprinted the distance of 2 sets of telephone poles and then rested the distance of 1 set of telephone poles.  I did this 6 times and it wiped me out.  I tried jogging back and while I was able to do most of it, I had to take some breaks.  My calves were on fire.  So glad I took an extra cool down time just to make sure everything was stretched out.  During the day they were not too bad so that’s a great sign but I’d be lying if I was looking forward to doing it again on Friday.  Am I going to do it again on Friday, you betcha!

Ze Google Reader!  Love it!  I have a few favorite blogs I like to track but get tired of going to each link and going through my bookmarks to get to the link.  I’ve known about the reader for a while but couldn’t make it work the way I wanted it to.  Guess I just needed a purpose that it was best for.  So I put the RSS feeds in the Reader so that whenever one of the blogs has a new post, it shows up like a new, unread, email.  I love it.  It simplifies everything and I don’t spend so much time visiting sites where there is no new post.

Today we had a vender join our company and provided a lunch for everyone.  It was ok.  Pulled pork or tender loin pork sandwiches with potato salad, fruits and veggies, and dessert that looks like it went through preservative valley.  I skipped the dessert, had one sandwich and one scoop of potato salad, lots of fruits and veggies, and a half can of Sprite.  That was really sweet.  So now coupled with the 2 slices of pizza I had tonight, I have to get going on my workout yoga.  It will also feel good to stretch the legs a bit.

I’m going to sleep good again.