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A different day

The plan for today was to wake up and take off for the cabin but with a night of rain last night and more for the rest of the weekend, we decided to stay home.  Bummer.  Picked up worms last night and my son was so excited to go fishing but the storms that have been rolling through are taking advantage of the humidity and energy here and they’ve been really good ones.  This morning as I was looking at the news on my laptop this morning in our living room in front of one of our big windows and watched a storm roll into our area.  When we built our house I wanted to make sure we had a great view looking west just for this purpose.  I absolutely loved it.  I love weather and we get all kinds of different weather up here.  Some say it’s too cold but I think it’s all about perspective.  Cold is cold.  Whether is 20 above or 20 below, it’s cold.  You dress warm and you take trips south during the winter to break it up a bit and you learn to enjoy it.  I think we have amazing seasons here.  We can enjoy snow.  We really appreciate spring and summer here and take full advantage of it because we know up here that we know what it’s like to be locked in the house during the winter.  Fall is beautiful in Minnesota and is so energizing to drive through the North Shore area around Duluth and see the changing colors of the leaves.  I actually love living up here.  If you live south and want us to visit, invite us during the winter.  You can have your scorching heat and humidity.  We’re doing just fine.

This morning I got a 6 mile run on the treadmill and it was exhausting.  I did 2 things to make it a little harder.  I put a 2% incline on it.  I do this to keep the treadmill from shaking too much and to give me a little more resistance.  The other thing was to make sure I kept my heart rate above 142.  Last week when I ran my first 6-miler my heart rate was around 136.  Many times it went up to the 150’s today and it was a really hard workout.  The last half hour of it I had to take off my shirt because it was completely soaked.  It took me an hour and 7 minutes and that included my warm up and cool down.   I was going to go another 5 minutes but the incline really wiped me out and I was just happy to finish strong.  The calories burned was over a thousand and I’m pretty confidant in how accurate that is because I set the weight on the treadmill for 10lbs lighter than what I am.  I get a little joy out of seeing that number at 212, a sign of things to come.  I think I’m done working out for the day.  I’ve helped my dad tear out their 50 year old countertop after the run and will help him put the new one in after he is done feeding the calves.  In the meantime I’m installing Ubuntu on an old computer and see if I can get information off our external hard drive that stopped working 2 weeks ago.  I think it’s just the power supply from what I’ve read on the forums and I just want to set up this older computer down in my man-cave as a back-up and to have down here so I don’t have to drag my old laptop down.  I love my cave.



Something has been ticking me off all week until today.  This guy I work with, sit next to actually, went on a prescription of diet pills on Monday.  As soon as I heard this I had to ask another co-worker to make sure I settle down and don’t say anything stupid.  In my head at the time I was thinking that this is not the way to lose weight.  I’ve had a supervisor that has tried the stomach band surgery which failed.  I’ve had other friends who tried prescriptions which failed.  I’ve seen so many bloggers who were going to try this shortcut, that shortcut because they had 3 months to lose 80 pounds.  Those blogs stopped around week 2 if not before.  What seems to work best is watch what you eat, how much you eat, and you have to work your body into a fat burning machine with exercise.  I understand that there are circumstances where it’s not that easy but this guy was not in unreasonable shape.  (Sidenote:  I am having a self-perception problem with how much I weigh versus what others weigh.  I have in my mind that I weigh more than someone who weighs 20 – 30 lbs more than me.  Weird but great problem)  Anywho, I finally calmed down today and asked him about it.  He talked about his family history of heart disease and how the doctors were very concerned about his high blood pressure.  I mentioned that I was concerned about him learning to live his diet rather than following orders as well as incorporating some exercise.  It turns out he is looking forward to getting back into exercise and it became a pleasant conversation.  It sounds like he has a great support system and I will be excited for him as the pounds come off for him.  Am I still a little bitter that he’s ‘cheating’ versus doing it the way I consider to be right?  Well, why am I asking that question in the first place?  But I will support him and talk with him if he ever needs to.

This brings up another point.  My body.  I am so grateful that I’ve been given this strong healthy body even though I haven’t taken care of it over the last 15 years.  My joints and muscles are strong.  I never had diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol.   I wasn’t on any medication and the doctors said I was in general good health.  If I didn’t change I’m sure the problems would have come up soon.  But now as I continue to push myself in exercising I am amazed with how much my body can take, how much it has left to give.  I don’t know why God has been so gracious to me but I’m thankful and plan to take care of this body to the best of my ability.  It’s been so long since I’ve felt this good, this strong and can’t wait to see what else is in store as the pounds slowly keep coming off.

Now to go beat the crap out of the exercise bike!

Puppy training

This morning for my 4 mile jog I decided to take our 12 week old puppy to get him used to it.  My wife really likes to run with dogs for the companionship and the security but she doesn’t have much patience to train them.  So we went out and walked the first half mile.  I learned that he is better when we’re away from the shoulder, away from the grass, and with it being a gravel road I wasn’t too concerned about cars.  I was able to get a mile of jogging straight in and he did pretty good at that.  Let him get a drink of water from the ditch and the next mile we jogged about half of it which wasn’t too bad.  Then we had a mile stretch along the highway.  Each car distracted him and then he’d get on the scent of something else.  I stopped each time, gave him a talking to while giving his ears a good rub down so that he would focus on me and running/walking along side me.  It usually worked but by mile 3 I could tell he was worn out.  The last half mile consisted of 3 poddy stops and then a last mad dash because one of my dad’s dogs joined the jog and ran ahead of us which put puppy in full force.   We did it in an hour which wasn’t too bad for his first time.  I just hope he gets better so I can get more of a workout.

Today was a lazy day.  The weather up here has been just crap.  Cold, in the 50’s and 60’s for highs.  Today was cloudy and windy so I just had a lazy day.  Watched a movie, did some surfing online looking at tech stuff, but not much else.  Tonight I’m going to hit the exercise bike for 45 minutes while watching hockey after I play with the kids for a bit.  The aim will be 700 calories.  I’m really sore from the running and circuit training I did yesterday.  A trip to the hot tub is most deserved tonight with a couple of re-runs of Biggest Loser to watch.

Let’s revisit the big picture again.

I’ve moved my weigh day up from Saturday to Friday to accomodate weekends when we’ll be gone.  As I looked down at the scale early this morning I wasn’t too pleased.  One pound loss.  With all the working out I’ve been doing and being so good with my attitude towards food and keeping the healthy lifestyle, all I have to show is one pound?  I even put off a free Dilly Bar for one pound!

At first I contemplated waiting until tomorrow for my official weigh for the week.  I’m a big spreadsheet guy and I have all these goals laid out with different weekly weight-loss averages.  I’m still way ahead of the 2.5/week average but seeing another 1 next to that, I just wasn’t pleased.

Then I started thinking big picture.  My body is adjusting to a more strenuous workout schedule, I probably haven’t caught up with adjusting my diet to account for those calories burned, and when I tried on one of my new shirts today, it was looser than when I had it on Sunday.  1 pound is progress.  This week was filled with progress and I’m one step closer to where I want to be.  Where I need to be.

Time to be strong.

What exactly am I burning?

It bugs me a little that when I’m on a treadmill or exercise bike, that I’m not burning exactly what they say.  It really hit me when I started using my brother’s exercise bike.  I could burn 700 calories in 40 minutes but it never asked me for my weight like our treadmill does.  Yesterday morning I did some research and found this great little article that helped ease my mind.  It’s short and quick and gives me the right mindset for what I’m burning while doing exercises on the machines.


Another short post because there is just not enough time in the day.  TV is completely out of the window nowa days unless it was like last night when my wife and I were in the hot tub, watching a half hour of a Biography program.  Life is so different now with activities and exercises and my mind has accepted it.  No, it has embraced it.  It really is a new life.


I’ve been kinda funny about how I’ve been communicating my weight loss with others.  I haven’t shared it with many people outside my small family circle, just hoping that they would notice and bring the compliment that way.  But I have enjoyed talking with others around me that are going through the process as I am.  At work it seems like a lot of people are jumping into weight loss for various reasons.  For most it’s about health conditions such as cholesteral, bad back, or even to get their body right since they’ve had problems that have lead to surgery and are being proactive about what is happening to their bodies.  Those are the individuals who are serious about the process.  Then there are the ones who are “well, I guess I should”.  That lasts for about 2-3 weeks and then they are back to their old patterns.  I just love the dialogue with both sets of people and getting to understand the mindset of each.  I see how important it is to share ideas of how to do this and that and what to do when a roadblock comes up.

Sunday was my lazy day and I spent a lot of it looking up other weight loss blogs.  I came across two that I really like, Log my loss and The Blog of my Life.  Both are guys who are  on the same journey with experiences and attitudes close to mine.  They are doing it the right way through diet and exercise, not trying to cheat the process, and are further ahead than I am.  I hope to learn a lot from them.

So what does it mean for my workout yesterday?  A lot.  I woke up determined to run a country block yesterday morning (4 miles).  I had my breakfast first but knowing I needed the time, I started 15 minutes after eating with a walk.  The further I got into it the more frustrated I got.  I would pick out a goal to run to but I just ran out of steam before I got to it.  About halfway through I noticed the electrical poles that were along the road so I started to run to the first one, walk to the second, run to the third and so on.  This really picked up my pace, got me in a good cardio rhythm, and helped me finish the 4 miles in 50 minutes.  Can’t wait to try again on Wednesday (going to take a break today and go on the exercise bike to give my muscles something else to do) and see if I can better my time.

In the evening I was excited to get back into my circuit training and I bumped up the intensity to a new level.  My set was:

10 squats with curls

10 crunches on the ball

10 overhead presses

5 push ups

10 lunges

10 sit down

10 butterfly presses

60 flying steps (really got my cardio going)

and did 10 repititions of each set.  This left me out of breath but it felt really good to push myself harder, farther then I thought I could.  It just was a good day for working out and I can’t wait to hit it again.

No more weight loss

I still weighed the same this morning as I did Friday morning, 241lbs, which gives me a weight loss of 2lbs for the week.  Great weight loss but I’m still motivated to lose more.  I saw some pictures of me from over the weekend and even though I can see a difference, I still see a person that I don’t see in the mental image that I have of myself.  The work is not done.  I have to get back to running tomorrow morning and keep doing what I’m doing.  This week’s goal is once again 3lbs.  This next Saturday would mark my 3-month anniversary into this weight loss and how awesome would it be to hit 40lbs!  I never would have thought that I would be at this point.

I am going to try to run more to prepare myself for that 10K.  I might just try to go 4 miles tomorrow, one round trip of a block out here in the country but it’s supposed to be only 41 degrees in the morning so we’ll see.