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I can’t get enough food today.  I’m not binging or anything like that but I am not feeling full either.  Maybe I didn’t get enough carbs before I did my HIIT this morning but it’s really bugging me.  There were a lot of good things about today, some not so good but nothing that I feel emotional about.  At least feeling that I’m feeling emotional about.  That may have been the worst sentence I’ve ever written.  I feel driven.  I feel very motivated.  I had a great workout this morning and I’m about to do another yoga workout for my evening.  It just feels like I can’t get enough of something and I’m using food to fulfill that need.  It’s not working.

I’m realizing it’s ok/normal to go through moments like these.  I’m doing good with my workouts and sticking to healthy eating.  The main thing is not get down about what is happening, but to figure out WHY it’s happening.  That opens the door to address the problem.  I never knew how much a mental thing this weight loss was going to be and that’s why I’m glad I read “The 4 Day Diet” by Ian K. Smith when I first started out.  I didn’t follow the plan he outlined in the book but there was some things that were helpful to figure things out mentally.  Second was “Are You Ready?” by Bob Harper which I liked in how he brought it together for me in how to deal with those emotions and then to keep your mind focused on the end result.  Whether it’s the long term goal or finishing up an exercise routine.  Each action must be planned and performed to the best of my ability.  I’m getting all fired up again right now and ready to kick some butt with that workout.

One more thing…..  After I posted yesterday I had a great 1 hour workout, showered and left to visit some friends.  I wore sandels for fun and was planning on relaxing and enjoying the evening.  Wrong!  The boys wanted to play soccer so I played in the grass barefoot for 2 hours.  More running up and down but having a great time.  Bad news.  Sores in between the toes and oh was I stiff.  But I got my heart rate up and it was a good time for my son and I to play together.  Lots of laughing.  We’ll have to do it again soon…….with shoes.


No yoga.  The wife got a choke coller for the puppy and I went for a 3 mile walk with him.  No running, just working at him staying along side of me without pulling away.  It was a nice 3 mile walk and he’s starting to get it.  Hopefully this calms him down so he’s not peeing all over the place.  He obeyed pretty good when we got back and is resting now.  We’ll have to try again tomorrow night.  I’m glad I went out because it was just beautiful out there.  I was going to go on the exercise bike in the morning but I think I’m going to go for the 4 mile run and see if I can run farther than I have before.  Time to push myself.  Time to be motivated.


Beautiful day

We were in the 80’s today but the humidity was in the low 30’s.  Just gorgeous.  It felt good to coach a soccer game tonight and enjoy playing with the kids.  I did a couple of walks during breaks too as well as a great 40 minute workout on the treadmill.  I tried running for the first 10 minutes and then brought my speed down as I increased the incline.  Once again I loved my heart rate monitor.  I was able to keep myself in a specific heart range when I wanted it to be intense and found a good cooling pace when I needed a minute of rest.  It really helps me push myself and yet I wasn’t so exhausted as I have been before on the treadmill.  I love that thing.

I had another victory last night.  Last night I went to a friend’s place to help with some computer problems.  On the way back I had planned to stop by the grocery store to pick up some ice cream and apples.  I love ice cream, especially in the summer and I’ve been really good about my portions during this whole time of the change.  I’ve never had more than what I determined early on as an allowable portion.  It’s been a treat.  As I was walking up to the grocery store, I said to myself  “I don’t need this.”  Right at the door I stopped, turned around and left.  I don’t need it and going to try to be without it for a month.   What’s going to help is the fruit smoothies my wife has been making for us.  Keep ’em coming!

Pushing through

Back is still acting up but I was able to get my HIIT in this morning on the exercise bike.  It’s not uncomfortable but the soreness is just there.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to go on the treadmill and get some incline walking in.  Might be the last exercise for the weekend as we are going away to my parent’s cabin for our anniversary.  A well deserved break from it all, especially with what happened today.

We had a couple of inspections done on the house today.  The first was a pressure test for the plumbing and that past with no problems.  The second was a house inspection and we had a couple of flags come up.  I heard about it from work and my stress level went up.  We’ve been trying to close on this house for 6 months and it is just crazy how many roadblocks come up.  I feel like I’m fighting for my life to get things done and then we wait and wait for others to do there part and then it comes back on us again.  After a few phone calls to get our carpenter here and to straighten out some people on why we can’t close on the house on the bills we owe them, I felt some relief.  They’ve been sympathetic and understand we’re doing all we can and facing a government system that is just broken.  If there was a bag of chips in the house, I don’t know what would have happened to them.  So grateful that we had a soccer game to go to and other things that helped get my mind off all the stress of life around this house.  I’ll just be glad when it’s over.

It got me thinking about something regarding my exercise.  I’ve probably found a lot of comfort with my exercise because it’s something I can control.  Something I can do to fix things.  Does it fix everything?  No.  But I see results, in the mirror and on the scale.  I’m stronger.  It might be why I’m getting more focused with work.  Not putting in more hours since there is a cap to the 40 hour week but concentrating on my work.  These are something I can control to some degree.   It also helps me take a step back and look at this whole house situation.   Even with the struggles, I see that we put a great effort into this great house and were able to concentrate on all the details of putting it together.  We’re not done yet but it is quite an accomplishment when looking at the big picture.

I’m done rambling.  Time to hit the hay.

Let the games begin!

Today was an off day for working out.  It feels so good to get that extra hour and 20 minutes of rest in the morning and enjoy it as if I deserve it.  As I was leaving I started to realize I didn’t really have enough ‘heavy food’ along.  Lot’s of fruits and vegatables but besides a few crackers, all I had was an egg salad sandwich.   Fortunately, without me saying anything, a friend offered me a little bit of their Subway sandwich.  Turkey with everything on it but no dressing.  It was good and it got me to where I needed for the day.

Tonight we had our first 2 games in soccer.  I’m coaching 5 and 6 year olds.  It’s fun to watch and sometimes frustrating, particularly when they start eating grass.  Maybe they need to be de-wormed, I don’t know.  It definitely is a band of misfits but they played great and one player had 2 really good games.  2 games may have been too much though.  One player lost interest half way through the second game, found a girl to talk to, and I couldn’t get his attention for anything.  The kids had fun and I had fun jogging up and down the field with a great energy level.

Great way to start the weekend.