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It’s kinda how I feel today.  Got up early for church.  I ran sound AND video today because phone calls were not made.  Everything went fine but the stress just wore me out.  Then we had our family meal which went fine.  I kept my portions down and enjoyed cake my wife made.  After the family left I spent 40 minutes on the treadmill.  Went a bit easier than usual but still got a good sweat in.  Tonight I’m tired and just want to go to bed early.  Need rest to start tomorrow off early.

Had a good conversation with a friend of mine at church.  Someone asked me to day if I had known if he lost weight.  I didn’t notice until then.  I found him between services and he told me he lost 35lbs.  He and his wife have done it through weight watchers and they have been working out at the hospital gym.  He’s got a bad knee so most of his exercising when he does is on the elliptical machine and stationary bike.  It’s always impressive to see someone else take the right approach and succeed at losing weight.  His wife looks great.  I’m not a fan of Weight Watchers.  I’m not the social-let’s keep this accountable in a group setting.  This is fine for me and my diet has been working for me.  I’ve cut out the junk and really focusing on the vegatables and fruits.  

Someone did ask me if I lost weight today so that feels really good.  People I don’t see that often are starting to notice.  Just have to keep it going.


Kellogg’s Special K, almonds, carrots

Early lunch

Fruit salad at church.  No dressing or cream.  

Late lunch

Ham, mashed potatoes with a hint of gravy, bean salad without the cream, 2 deviled eggs, carrot jello (surprisingly good), and cake  (ufda, that sounds like a lot)


Tuna salad with cucumber dressing, soy nuts, and 8 multi-grain crackers